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Google Cloud Printer Group Management
Last Updated 7 years ago

Add a user to your Google Cloud Printer
- log into to your Google account
- select the Groups Google application from the waffle menu (or goto
- click on "My Groups" in the left sidebar
- Under the name of the printer group, click the "Manage" link to be taken to the manage users page
- To add a user (to allow them to print to your printer), go to "Direct add members" on the left sidebar
- enter the user's google email address into the email address box.
- click the add button at the top of the page

On Chromebook or other device
- on the chromebook, open the chrome browser and type ctrl-P
- in the printer window, click the change destination
- at the bottom of the list of printers page, you should see an accept/reject printer invitation
- click Accept
- the printer is now available to select for printing

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