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What shuold I do if I recieve a FDF merge error when opening a special ed form?
Last Updated 7 years ago

This error is seen when a user creates/modifies a document in IC using Chrome. Unfortunately, there isn't a way to recover the documents once this error occurs. The document will have to be deleted and uploaded again using another Browser or making sure that the Chrome settings has been set first. This can also be found on campus community.

Here are the directions to fix Chrome if you absolutely need to use it but it is recommended to use Firefox instead.
Chrome FDF settings
1) Settings > Show Advanced Settings
2) Privacy > Content Settings
3) Scroll down to Plug-ins > click Disable Individual plug-ins
4) Disable Chrome PDF Viewer
Campus supports the current and most recent previous version of Chrome.
Campus advises against using Chrome when uploading Simple Forms (FDF) via the Form Documents tool.

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