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Will not ring
Last Updated 6 years ago

1) You might have your phone in do not disturb mode. You can tell by the little circle with a dash in it at the top right side of your phone screen

- To fix this, while your phone is hung up, press the mute button on your phone (the icon should go off)

2) Also, try this feature code by dialing *79:


3) Cancel unconditional call forwarding by dialing *73

4) Check your phone's configuration.
- press the menu button (button in the middle of the circle of arrows)
- scroll down to the Call Features menu and press the menu button to select it.
- select Account 1
- make sure "Forward All" is disabled
- make sure "Forward Busy" is set to your extension and is enabled
- make sure "Forward No Answer" is set to your extension and is enabled

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